Romania facility

The registered offices and the production center of ANALKO ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY SRL is located in the industrial area of Jilava, Ilfov District, on the outskirts of Bucharest, and has a total surface area of 15,000 m², 10,000 m² of which are covered and it contains:

  • Two polymerization ovens, BOX type, with total ability to powder coat profiles with length up to 8 meters and a total production capability of 30 tons per day;
  • Three automatic painting cabins, one of them with possibility of rapidly change;
  • Packaging and protective film adhesion line;
  • Staple line for insulating profiles;
  • Eleven chemical treatment baths;
  • Automated imitation wood decoration of profile surfaces line;
  • Automatic multimetal line for iron, steel, zinc and aluminium industrial parts;
  • A laboratory with state of the art equipment as per Qualicoat standards and a collaboration with the Industrial Chemistry Faculty of the Politehnica University in Bucharest in order to ensure all the quality parameters of the painting process;
  • One of the most modern and efficient waste water treatment in Europe;
  • Metallic confection departments with hydraulic presses, cutting machinery, high length metal sheet bending machinery, automatic punching machinery, etc.;
  • Garage door, metallic door, firedoor, roller shutter and insect screen production equipment;
  • NEW – Two cabins for electrostatic painting with liquid paint.

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Greece facility

The registered offices and the production centre of ANALKO are located on Tatoiou 325, in Aharnes Athens. The modern production plant is in a building with total area of ​​9,000m² where the company has established and organized the following:

  • Two Polymerization ovens: One side displacement oven and one Box type, with total ability to powder coat profiles with length up to 8meters. The production capability of both ovens exceeds 60 tons per day;
  • Five automatic painting cabins, of which two are for quick cleansing;
  • Eleven pre-treatment chemical baths, that give the surfaces of the profile optimal clarity and color substrate that required for a perfect adhesion layer coating;
  • Three packaging lines, one of which is automatic.
  • One automatic anodizing plant. The plant has the ability to produce glossy or mat surfaces in a natural color or color shade of brown and inox from 5 to 25 μm;
  • A line for decorating the surface of the wood imitation profiles;
  • A painting unit for curved frames with possibility to paint frames up to 2 x 3 meters;
  • A quality control laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment that applies the quality parameters for all the paint types;
  • A waste water treatment plant the most modern and efficient in Europe.

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