Anodizing is a process employed to modify the surface and create another layer of artificial aluminum oxide. Because this process is implemented under controlled conditions, the oxide layer is very solid and coherent. This is already an oxide layer, so when exposed to air, it shows the subject of another oxidation and aluminum underneath is so protected. Clear anodizing layer with a porous texture; allows adding paints to achieve different colors.

The main characteristics of anodizing are:

Analko Anodizing

  • Anodizing layer is an integral part of the mass of metal, thus preventing adhesion problems.

  • Anodizing offers excellent corrosion resistance characteristics, the obtaining of the production process, where the application is carefully regulated.

  • Anodized aluminium products present a metallic appearance.

  • The color range is restricted.

Anodizing is an aluminium surface treatment used for over 60 years. This period allowed the sector to overcome any practical problems associated with the method and develop suitable mitigation techniques. Sixty years down the road, it is now believed that anodizing and its behavior over time have been fully understood.

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