Wood finishes

wood finishes

Textures like those that imitate wood, marble or other decorative materials are printed during the second phase, after the painting and curing. Among the methods used to obtain the ANALKO decorative surface is sublimation. The texture is obtained by the combination of electrostatic painting and wood finishes samplesapplying decorative effects of a printed film that adheres to the paint applied initially. The product is then heated, ink sublimated clever film and penetrates the coating, resulting printing decorative texture. After the film is removed from the product design remains imprinted on the coating, resulting in a decorative layer, uniform and permanent penetrate any paint.


woodinal logoChoose your favorite wood imitation shades unique quality and aesthetics with the WoodInAL, exclusive technology.
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Sublimation (wood imitation) is already part of our lives. Choose your favorite wood imitation shades unique quality and aesthetics with the WoodInAL, technology used by ANALKO.
WoodInAL technology consists in coating quality in light-resistant timber applicable to all kinds of aluminum profiles and all kinds of confections.

WOODinAL confers any type of wood shade and also the possibility to imitate marble and granite surfaces with long lasting results. The color chart is constantly being improved with new shades and provides new possibilities for architectural applications.

The company has a wide range of RAL colors, metallic, textured, mixed and wood imitation which overcomes 400 colors on stock, and others available on special order.

wood finishes color chart



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